Malefice - Entities (2007)


Genre: Death Metal | Thrash Metal | MetalCore
Info: Mp3, VBR 128, Joint Stereo
Size: 43.72 MB
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Anticulture Records
Listen: Push The Button

o1. Empirical Proof (part one)
o2. Risen Through The Ashes
o3. Into A New Light
o4. Dreams Without Courage
o5. History Repeats
o6. Traitor To All You Know
o7. Horizon Burns
o8. Empirical Proof (part two)
o9. As Skies Turn Black
1o. Nothing Left
11. A World Deceased
12. Bringer Of War

Dale Butler - Vocals
Ben Symons - Guitars
Alex Vuskans - Guitars
Tom Hynes - Bass
Craig Thomas - Drums


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